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                Import Feed and Feed Additive Registration of Change

          一、 變更登記前提條件 / Precondition for registration of change

               The feed and feed additive “Import Registration” must be under the valid.

          二、 變更登記范圍 / Range for registration of change

                    Changing the Chinese or foreign trade name of product.

                    Changing the applicant company name of product.

                    Changing the manufactory name.

                   Changing the manufactory address.

          三、 變更登記審批時間 / Approval time for registration of change

               China MOA will make the decision that whether permits the modification during 10 workdays after accepting the application for registration. 

          四、 申請變更登記機構 / Approval institution 

               Overseas enterprises apply for registration of import changes, shall entrust an agent in China to deal with.





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